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Although I store the shareware screensavers and programs myself, and there are no popups or malicious scripts on this site, the freeware files available for download here are presently stored on another site. Unfortunately, I do not have enough bandwidth to store them here. The owners of the storage site repackage all author's files and include additional software as a means of making money. You may be able to opt out of the extra software, so be careful to uncheck any boxes when you install these files.

When you open these files, you may be given the option not to install this added software. I strongly recommend that you DO NOT install any of it. All these added programs contain spyware and will track the sites you visit in order to target you with ads. even worse, the spyware will remain on your computer even after you uninstall the programs. Should you accidentally install any of it, you must use a spyware removal program to remove the spyware from your system. There are several good programs available, but the very best is Malwarebytes. It is available in freeware and shareware versions. The shareware version is reasonable to buy and provides protection far superior to more expensive products.


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